Using Other Decorative Containers for Growing

by The Hydroponics Guy

Yes, you can use any decorative container you wish - as long as it's set up for hydroponic growing.
If you're new to hydroponics I recommend inserting a grow pot (that has an insert to hold the water gauge) and a clear plastic saucer (that acts as the reservoir) into the decorative pot. I like to crowd orchid roots a bit so they dry out more evenly. You can always cut the saucer with a scissors to a lower profile for for a better fit.

Since your pot has holes in the side for air, you can probably "cut corners" and just insert a saucer in the bottom your decorative container and then tape a water gauge to the saucer. Securing water gauge is important because pebbles always work their way under the gauge and you'll get false readings.
Remember, orchids don't like wet feet so be sure to allow plenty of time for the pebbles to dry out completely before rewatering (3-5 days AFTER gauge reads empty).

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