Repotting Cattleya Orchids
into Hydroponics

Repotting Cattleya? Transplant into our Hydroponic System and you'll see amazing results!

Growing healthy Cattleya requires potting materials that drain easily and provide plenty of space for air flow around the roots. With traditional growing methods that usually means a coarse bark mix. Those types of media make watering a guessing game for beginner growers because water runs right through the pot. How do you know what your plant is actually getting?

Additionally, this material should not compact or breakdown because Cattleya roots decay quickly with too much moisture. This means repotting every year - especially if you're growing outdoors.

Our hydroponic system replaces all potting materials with LECA pebbles - they're perfect for growing these types of orchids!

LECA is a sterile, ceramic pebble that will never breakdown or compact. Their capillary properties deliver moisture to the roots gently and evenly and the air spaces between the pebbles promote maximum air flow - ideal for growing cattleya orchids.

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Repotting a Cattleya Orchid into Hydroponics

1.  Soak pebbles for a couple of hours (or overnight) in a solution of 2-3 TBS of K-L-N Rooting Solution per gallon of water. KLN promotes new root growth while resisting disease. Save soaking solution for watering new transplant later.

2. Remove plant by carefully breaking clay pot.

3. Remove all moss from roots.

4. Using clean tools, cut away all discolored and mushy roots. Be aggressive and cut away any damaged or hollow roots.

5. Using a hose, rinse away old roots and potting materials.

6. This plant has a healthy root system - it's ready for our system! Notice that all the old roots have been cut away.

7. Fill the bottom of the culture pot with pebbles, then insert the orchid. For stability, plant a little deeper than with other mixes. Don't worry, clay pebbles at the top are always dry.

8. Firmly pack down pebbles, making sure there are no air gaps between the pebbles and the roots.

Congradulations. You've successfully repotted your Cattleya orchid into hydroponics!

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