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Cymbidiums Success!
How to Grow Cymbidiums that Bloom

Cymbidiums boast some of the most dramatic flowers in the orchid kingdom. And you can enjoy their magnificent blooms if you follow a few simple guidelines for growing these plants. We call it Cymbidium Success!

Cymbidium Fairy Rouge Lavender

Cymbidiums are easy growers (and bloomers) in temperate climates such as California, where they're grown outside year round. The warm, sunny days (80-90 degrees) and cool nights (40-50 degrees) are perfect for growing healthy plants that bloom. 

In Northern climates , the best cymbidiums are usually grown in greenhouses. Don't have a greenhouse? Don't worry. Even if you're climate challenged, you can still enjoy Cymbidium Success by growing them outdoors in the summer. 

The Hydroponic Advantage

Cymbidium Flowers

In nature, cymbidiums grow in rocky soil that doesn't hold moisture and drains quickly. The LECA pebbles in our hydroponic system are and ideal for growing these plants because they closely resemble the growing media these plants find in nature.

LECA pebbles are also great for outdoor growing (where cymbidiums grow best) because they never breakdown or decay, insuring a healthy root system in any weather. Traditional growing materials (bark, moss, etc.) break down and decay outdoors. This makes watering tricky and invites root rot. LECA pebbles are a sterile ceramic, so they won't attract insects either. 

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How to Grow Cymbidiums

Growing cymbidiums the bloom is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. 

  1. In the spring, move your plants outside for the summer where they get several hours of direct sun. Leave them outside until temperatures reach the 40 degree range (cold temps trigger blooms.)  
  2.  After a good dose of cold weather in the fall, bring your plants back indoors. Flower spikes usually appear Jan-Feb.  Enjoy the magnificent blooms during the winter months - just when you need them.
  3. When warm weather returns, move your plants back outdoors for another growing season.

Note: If you can't move your plants outside during the summer months, growing cymbidium orchids probably isn't for you.

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Tools You'll Need for Cymbidium Success

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