Why Use Hydroponics for Orchids?

Because it Works!

When you think about the needs of orchid plants you have to look at where and how they grow.  While wild environments vary, they are many times seen attached to tree limbs, tree trunks or rocks indicating few needs other than air, water and light. They sip their nutrients based on what may fall their way, or what they choose to grow upon.

Orchids grow worldwide in varying conditions. If you match your condition to their needs you'll be successful! 

 Many times when one thinks about hydroponics they think of a fully flooded vessel with the plant in it.  Our system utilizing expanded clay pellets is different and its easy to control how much or how little water the orchid receives.  The EasyGroHydro system Is a completely "passive" system with no need for pumps, motors, air stones or any electricity. 

This is the Simplest Growing System for Orchids Anywhere

All growing media is replaced with special clay pebbles called LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate). These man made clay pebbles have capillary properties that wick the nutrient solution up to the plants, delivering just the amount that the plant needs. 

A water gauge even tells you when (and how much) to water. The components to our system are:

Replaces other media. Cleanier, easier to use. Less root decay.
Tells you when to water Eliminates overwatering.
Designed for maximum air flow at the roots.
Acts as a reservoir holding the nutrient solution for the plant.

LECA - the Perfect Media for Growing Orchids

LECA pebbles are a man made sterile ceramic pebble that "wicks" the nutrient solution up to the plant gently and evenly. The EasyGroHydro LECA pebbles are unique.  They vary in size and shape enabling plant roots to latch on and be locked in.  A spill does not leave you chasing little balls all over the floor!  To see LECA pebbles in our store Click HERE

Our Lightweight Expandable Clay Aggregate (LECA)

LECA pebbles provide the ideal mix of oxygen and moisture to the roots. Both you and your orchids will like the clean, healthy environment without decomposing bark, mold, or bacteria.

With LECA pebbles there's no rot or decay so there's less repotting .....

more on LECA  

Your Orchids will love this system!

No more guessing about watering! Is the plant too wet ... or too dry? What holds water - what doesn't? Our system has a Water Gauge that tells you when and how much to water. What could be easier?

Water Gauge reading empty
Water Gauge reading 1/2 full

How Our System Works to Grow Happy Orchids

It's as easy as 1-2-3! 

As you go about your busy life your orchids are getting exatcly what they need for optimum growth.

1. Pour water (or nutrient solution) over the pebbles. Water passes through the pebbles to the reservoir at the bottom. Water gauge tells you how much is in the reservoir.

2. The capillary properties of the LECA pebbles "wick" the moisture up to the plant's roots gently and evenly.

3. As moisture moves up to the roots, air circulates through the open spaces in the culture pot and between the pebbles, giving the roots with an even mix of air and water.

Balanced Nutrition Means Bigger, Brighter Blooms

What nutrients are your plants actually getting? Complete, balanced nutrition is easy with our system. No more guessing. Just add a few drops of nutrients to the water and your plants will get everything they need for healthy growth and vibrant blooms.

No worry about salt buildup either. Simply flush the roots at the sink every couple of months and all the impurities wash away!

To learn more about nutrients your orchids will need, click here. To go to our store to purchased nutrients we recommend click Here

Beginner or Expert, You'll find Many Reasons to Love the EasyGroHydro hydroponic System for Your Orchids! 

LECA pebbles at work

With our system your orchids will practically take care of themselves. Imagine your orchids in a single media that's clean, easy to use, and won't breakdown.  You will  Spend less time on your plants and get better results!

Healthy plants are easy with correct watering and balanced nutrition. Fewer insect problems- and other plant ailments too!

Try it now, you wont regret it!  Just click on the image below to visit our store.  

Bookmark this page for lots of fabulous growing tips from Jeree Harms, "The Hydro Guy" 

Ready... Set...GROW!

Our "Starter Sets" have everything you'll need to transfer two orchids into hydroponics. Step by step instructions are included.

Your orchids are waiting   . . . . 

FAQ's on Hydroponics for Orchids

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