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We're hooked on orchids too! Even after working with plants for over 35 years, watching an orchid flower is still special.

About 15 years ago we began experimenting with orchids in our hydroponic system. At that time we were growing large plants and trees at our nursery in south Florida for our corporate and commerical accounts - all in hydroponics. 

Just like any new orchid grower we had our successes and failures. But I have to tell you, growing orchids in our hydroponic system quickly became one of our biggest successes!

In 1998 we moved our orchid growing to greenhouses in New Jersey. We always knew that growing orchids in the tropical heat of south Florida was different than growing orchids on a windowsill "up north". 

We're continually trying out new things at our greenhouse. Everything you'll find on our website comes from these projects. Over the years we've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. We use and recommend all of the products we offer on our site. The information and illustrations are from the work we have done. 

Our goal is to help you become the most successful grower you can be. We're excited about the possibilities of hydroponics and how it can help you grow better plants.

In 1973 I quit my job with AT&T and opened a tropical plant store in Chicago. My family thought I was nuts!

The store quickly became successful. Within a couple of years the company grew into a thriving interiorscape company, leasing and maintaining plants in hotels, corporate offices, and shopping malls. All plants where growing in soil of course.

In 1991, at an industry trade show in Florida, I was introduced to growing plants hydroponically by an enthusiastic entrepreneur from New Jersey. After experimenting with this new hydroponic system I was quickly sold on the idea of growing plants without soil. 

I sold my business in Chicago and moved to New Jersey. At the same time I started a hydroponic plant nursery in Florida. As they say, the rest is history. Oh, and by the way, that enthusiastic entrepreneur is now my wife.

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