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Cymbidium Setup for Outdoor Growing with Hydroponics

The best place for growing Cymbidiums is outdoors - and our hydroponic system is perfect for outdoor growing! 

1. Hydroponics takes the guesswork out of watering. You never have to worry if your plants are getting too much (or not enough).

2. Plants grow healthy roots because the growing medium never breaks down or decays. Hydroponics uses clay pebbles - called LECA - that hold up in any type of weather. Bark and moss breakdown deteriorate quickly outdoors and need to be replaced every year.  

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Setup for Outdoor Growing

Step by step Setup for Outdoor Growing

1. Cut a plastic saucer that fits the bottom of the culture pot to about 1/2" deep. This will be the new reservoir.
2. Depth of saucer matches 1/2 or "Opt" on water gauge.
3. Place the shallow saucer in bottom of outer pot (make sure outer pot has a drainage hole). I added a piece of styrofoam under saucer for correct height.
4. Insert plant, culture pot, and saucer into new outer pot.
5. This shows the "growing system" inside outer pot. Shallow plastic saucer holds just enough water for plant - excess will drain away.
4. Finished plant with rocks added on top. I prefer clay pots outdoors because their weight keeps plants from blowing over in the wind.

Cymbidium Success!

Repotting Cymbidiums into Hydroponics

Caring for Cymbidium Orchids

Tools You'll Need for Cymbidium Success

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