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FAQ's on Growing Orchids with Hydroponics

Important! To give you the best advice we need some details - and photos are a BIG help here.

- What type of orchid is it?
- Where are you located?
- What type of growing area are you using?

  •   windowsill
  •   under lights
  •   outdoors

What have you done so far?

Questions about orchid care with hydroponics


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Using Other Decorative Containers for Growing 
Yes, you can use any decorative container you wish - as long as it's set up for hydroponic growing. If you're new to hydroponics I recommend inserting …

want to use existing orchid pot with holes 
I have several orchids pots with holes on sides. Can I put shallow container in bottom and use your water gauge?

Growing Vandas Hydroponically 
Can I grow my Vanda Orchid Hydroponically. I have had great success with your system for all my other orchids but wondered about my Vanda.

Growing orchids in lava rock? 
I just visited Hawaii and I saw orchids growing in lava rock. Why can't I use lava rock for growing my orchids? It would be a lot cheaper!

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