Moving Orchids Indoors for Winter

Summer is slipping away and it's time to move your plants back indoors. Unfortunately, their summer vacation is over too.

Ahh, those lazy, crazy days of summer!

Bringing orchids indoors isn't as simple as moving them from one place to another. They've spent all summer outdoors enjoying tropical like weather and moving them indoors is going to change their growing environment.

That can be stressful for the plants.  

Here are a few things to consider to make the move easier (for both you and your plants) . 

1. Prepare an Indoor Growing Area. 

Where are you going to put them? Scattering your orchids on windowsills all over the house is not a very good plan.  Choose a spot where you can give your plants what they need for healthy growing all winter. This can be a sunny window or under grow lights. East or west windows are okay, but south windows are the best. North facing windows don't have enough sun and simply won't due. Remember, you're trying to mimic the growing environment they've experienced outdoors.

2. Which Plants are Going to Make the Move? 

Sometimes you have to make tough choices in life. This is true for orchids too. Any plant that has been struggling all summer outdoors won't improve indoors. Time to let go and send it to plant heaven. Pests and disease can spread quickly.

3. No Hitchhilers Allowed!

Healthy plants have a natural resistance to insects - but hey,  you never know. We have a safe and easy way to protect all your plants from bringing unwanted visitors indoors. 

4. Tools You'll Need:

Make the job easy with the right tools.

 - Neem Oil

 - Soap and Water (any dish soap will do)

 - Soft Brush

 - Repotting Supplies

about repotting

Making the Move Indoors

Plant Care Indoors



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