Moving Orchids Indoors for Winter   . . . .
Making the Move 

Moving orchids indoors isn't as simple as moving them from one place to another.

It's always a good idea to take precautions to avoid bringing in any hitchikersHealthy plants have a natural resistance to insects so it's unlikely your plants have attracted unwanted pests. But giving them a soapy bath before the trip indoors is always a good idea.

This is easy with hydroponics! 

Hydroponic Advantage:   Growing with hydroponics means a clean and green growing environment. No soil, bark, or moss to mess with. All of the following photos where shot at our kitchen sink to show how easy it is with hydroponics. 

Here's a Dendrobium that enjoyed a terrfic growing season outdoors. Time to come in for winter.
I'm going to give the plant a soapy bath before moving to the new growing area. Start with a couple of drops of dish soap.
Using your fingers, carefully wash all the leaves - top and bottom. Don't worry about soap suds getting into the grow pot. Hydroponic plants have water roots and they welcome a soapy bath too!
Holding plant under faucet, wash away the dirt and grime that may have acumulated on the leaves outdoors.
Flush root zone by holding plant under faucet for a couple of seconds. Any impurites that may have acumulated in the grow pot will wash away (soap suds too).
Return plant to outer pot. It's ready for the winter season.

Suspect Insects?

Sooner or later you'll find a plant that has attracted insects. No worries - this is not uncommon - and in most cases easy to control.  

Neem Oil is an effective control for all insects - and it's completely safe to use.

1. Mix 1 tbs of Neem Oil with 1 qt of water in your sprayer.

2. Add a drop or two of dish soap (only a drop or two or you'll have a river of suds!). Shake sprayer to mix thoroughly.

3. Spray plant throughly - including the underside of leaves. Spray pebbles and grow pot too. 

4. Repeat this spray routine once a week for 3 weeks - whether you see insects or not. 

A good sprayer is an important tool for fighting insects.
Old windex containers won't get the job done!


Spray plant thoroughly - continue until Neem solution dripping from the leaves.
Holding leaves with one hand for support, gently scrub leaves with a soft brush to dislodge insects.
Spray underside of all the leaves.
Spray pebbles in grow pot - roots will benefit from Neem oil too.
Spray grow pot too - insects lay eggs anywhere!
Return plant to its outer pot. Good idea to quarrantine plant until the 3 week spray program is completed.
Good job!

Remember, to get rid of insects once and for all, spray the plant 3 times at weekly intervals - whether you see insects or not.

Plant Care indoors



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