Grow Better Orchids Outdoors

In many parts of the world (with tropical climates), hobbyists can grow their orchids outdoors year round.

Unfortunately, for those of us who are "climate challenged" (because we live in the north), growing outdoors year round simply isn't possible.

We can still give our orchids a vacation by moving them outdoors for the summer though! Summer weather is perfect for growing many types of orchids, no matter where you live.

Growing outside has many advantages:
  • Brighter light builds stronger plants
  • High humidity makes happy plants
  • Cool evening temperatures triggers flower spikes
This summer, move your orchids outdoors and let Mother Nature give them a boost. They'll love the warm days and cool, damp nights. Plants that where clinging to life all winter might suddenly come alive outdoors!

Orchids growing outdoors in the tropics

Questions on Moving Your Orchids Outdoors?

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Basics for Growing Outdoors:
  • The outdoor season is from mid-May to late September.
    Don't stretch it. Minimum temperatures for most orchids is 45 degrees.

  • Plants need time to acclimate.
    Start with total shade outside for all plants. Then, gradually move the high light plants into more sun. Burn spots on the leaves can happen quickly. Think of your first day on the beach after a long winter.

  • Don't worry about the heat.
    If your plants are protected from direct sun and get good air circulation, heat shouldn't be a problem.

  • Grow on benches or tables, not on the ground.
    Protect your plants from creepy crawlers.

Hydroponics for Outdoors?

Most people think hydroponics is for indoor growing only.

Hydroponic orchids thrive outside!

Why? It's those remarkable LECA pebbles in our hydroponic system. Bark, moss, or any other organic material deteriorates quickly when exposed to the elements outdoors.
  • LECA pebbles are ceramic and will not rot or decay in any kind of weather 
  • Your plants will never suffer from heavy rains
  • They provide extra moisture so plants won't dehydrate on hot days
  • Because they're a sterile ceramic they won't attract insects

New to Hydroponics?
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Why Hydroponics?

Leca Pebbles
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Comparing Hydroponics to Traditional Growing

Our hydroponic system has two major advantages over traditional growing methods.
  1. Bark or moss will deteriorate over the summer outdoors. Do you want to bring that decaying media indoors in the fall?
    Hydroponic Advantage: We replace all potting materials with clean, easy to use LECA pebbles (see above.)

  2. Growing in bark or moss means adjusting your watering schedule with the weather. In hot, dry weather plants demand watering everyday. Then, when the weather turns cool and rainy, your plants get waterlogged. Ignore the elements and your plants will suffer. Watering can be a tricky business.
    Hydroponic Advantage: Our system actually stores water for hot, dry weather and your plants will use it as they need it. Soggy roots in wet weather are never a problem either because LECA pebbles are a sterile ceramic. They won't get waterlogged no matter how much rain you get.

Decaying roots in moss and charcoal
from too much rain

Healthy roots growing in LECA

Your orchids will love it outdoors! If you're moving plants outside for the first time, or, if you've never used our hydroponic system outdoors, the Complete Setup for Outside Growing has everything you need to get started. See it here.

If you have questions about growing outdoors, ask them here.
Complete Setup for
Outdoor Growing
mini greenhouse

  1. (4)Shelf Mini-Greenhouse with Shade Cover
  2. (4) Heavy Duty Grow Trays
  3. Nutrient Package for strong growth and protection from heat and insects  

Supplies You'll Need Out There....

Replace Outer Pots

Plastic Saucers

Replace Outer Pots

Grower Trays

Perfect media for outside growing

Leca Pebbles

Great all-around nutrient

DynaGro 7-9-5

Switch to Bloom when you see flower spikes
DynaBloom 3-12-6

Stop Insects before the start

Pro-Tek 0-0-7

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