Mini-Greenhouse for Growing Orchids Outdoors

Do you think about moving your orchids outside for summer but worry about protecting them from the weather? Our Mini Greenhouse is the answer.

A simple, lightweight, easy to assemble greenhouse that's ideal for the summer growing season. Perfect for growing in small spaces on decks, patios, or balconies. 

  •  Powder coated Steel Frame
  • 60% black knitted shade cover with zippers
  • Easy assembly - no tools required
  • Dimensions: 27"W x 62"H x 19"D
The black knitted shade cover makes this mini-greenhouse unique. Other structures have a plastic cover that won't work for orchids (or anything else for that matter!). Heat builup inside a plastc cover on a sunny day is immense. Your plants will suffocate from heat damage on the first sunny day!. Our knitted shade cover protects plants from sun and wind without collecting heat. If you're growing in a shaded area, just leave zipper door open for more light.

Holds 20-25 plants.




Mini Greenhouse in action. Grower trays not included.

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Easy to assemble

No tools required
4 shelf Frame assembled.

Grower trays hold plants on shelves. Trays not included.

Simply remove a shelf for taller plants. Here top shelf has been removed.

Tie ribbons secure shade cloth to frame

Zipper door allows easy access to plants.

mini-greenhouse56.gifIdeal growing chamber for orchids. Shade cloth cover protects from sun and wind.

Dappled sunlight inside is perfect for growing healthy orchids.

Watering is easy with our grower trays

Excess water drains away through drainage hole
If your greenhouse is shaded, just open zipper door for more light.

Compact storage for next season.
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