Orchid Care - The Basics

Orchid care is not difficult - just different.

They don't need a lot of attention and they're tougher than you think. (In fact the quickest way to kill an orchid is over doing it.)
Most orchids are actually easy to grow - if you know what to do.

Growing orchids in our Hydroponic System could be the biggest advance in years! Even though the system does most of the work,
you still need to understand the basics of how nature works to be a successful grower.

Growing your first orchids? See Orchid Care for Beginners.

The Rhythm of Orchid Care

Light, water, temperature, and humidity all work together to produce healthy plants. As a grower, your task is to develop the right balance between these elements for your plants.

Orchids grow on every continent except Antarctica, so there's a wide range of growing conditions for these plants. Most of the orchids we grow as hobbyists are from tropical regions however. That means you don't have to go to extremes to create a healthy growing environment for your plants.

Even though most of the orchids we grow are from the tropics, care requirements still vary because orchids grow in different places and at different altitudes. With a little research it's easy to find a plant that will enjoy your growing conditions however.

Orchid names. Sooner or later you're going to have to confront those tongue twisting orchid names. How can you learn about growing orchids if you don't know their names? 

Orchid Names: What type of orchids do you have?
orchid names ....
Light: Orchids need lots of light, more than most houseplants.  
Water: Orchids don't like wet feet.

Temperature: Many orchids grow in temperatures found in most homes.
Humidity: Orchids don't need a steamy, hot jungle, but they do insist on at least 30% humidity.
about humidity ....

Orchid Care - Light
 Orchid Care - Water
  Orchid Care - Temperature
  Orchid Care - Humidity

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