Orchid Care - Light

All plants need light to live, and this is especially true for orchids.

In nature, many orchids grow high in the trees of the tropical forest where they enjoy lots of light. (Most houseplants grow on the forest floor.) 

That means growing orchids at home are going to require more light than regular houseplants. You're going to need a bright, sunny window to grow healthy plants.

Without enough light, your plants just won't have the energy to bloom (and after all, isn't that why we grow orchids?).

If you don't have enough light, even our Hydroponic System won't help!

In nature, orchids grow high in the trees of the forest where they get lots of light and air.

The #1 Reason Orchids Don't Bloom is Not Enough Light

Adequate light is vital when growing orchids. There's only once source of energy for plants - the sun. So if you want to grow healthy orchids (that bloom) you're going to have to give them proper light. In fact, if your plant won't bloom, chances are it's not getting enough light.

Leaf color is a good indicator to determine if your plant is getting enough light. Orchids leaves should be bright green and rigid - as shown on the right. Dark green leaves indicate insufficient light (plant on left). This plant will grow but probably won't bloom.

Orchid leaves should be bright green as shown in plant on right

How to Measure Light
Light is measured in footcandles.

You can a pretty good idea of the light level in your growing area by holding your hand about 1 ft above a plain white sheet of paper, during the brightest time of the day and observing the shadow.

High Light: The shadow is dark and well defined.

Medium Light: Shadow color is lighter and shape is fussy.

Low Level Light: Hard to see any shadow. 

Orchids are grouped into 3 different light categories: low, medium and high light. How much light your orchid needs depends on what kind of orchid it is.

Starter orchids that require high light (a couple of hours of direct sun every day):

Starter orchids that enjoy medium light (just a touch of sun):

Starter orchids that don't need a lot of sun and grow in medium-low light:



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