Orchid Care - How To Use Nutrients

A complete and balanced nutrition program for orchids is easy with hydroponics. Just add the nutrients to the water and they go directly to the plant's root system.  No complicated biology to get in the way!

We use and recommend the Dyna-Gro family of nutrients.

How to Use Nutrients

All orchids have three 3 seasons;
  1. Growing Season
  2. Bloom Season
  3. Rest

Adjusting your nutrients with the seasons promotes optimum growth and brilliant blooms.

Note: Orchids have internal calendars that determines each season. Don't try to force your plants to change their schedule - it won't work!  Seasons vary with each type of orchid. Some plants bloom in summer, others prefer winter. 

If your orchids don't bloom it's NOT your fertilizer! They're probably not getting enough light and cool temperature at night. 

1. Growing Season. This is the longest and most important season. During the Growing Season your plants are busy building new leaves and developing the energy to produce flowers. It's important that they get plenty of light, water, and air (the real food they need for growth) during this period. Compliment that with all purpose Dyna-Gro Grow 7-9-5 throughout the growing season. It has everything your plants need for robust growth (including trace elements). 

2. Blooming Season.  A flower spike signals the start of the Bloom Season - this is what you've been waiting for! Your plant has built up enough energy and is ready to burst into bloom! Now is a good time to switch your nutrients to Dyna-Gro Bloom 3-12-6 to encourage bigger, better blooms that last longer.

Important Note: BLOOM FERTILIZERS DON'T MAKE YOUR PLANTS BLOOM!   Only proper light and cool evening temperatures create blooming cycles in orchids. 

Orchids use all their energy for new leaves during the growing season.

New flower spike signals the start of the bloom season! Time to swtich to Bloom nutrients.

Basic Grow Formula
Dyna-Gro Grow 7-9-5
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Basic Bloom Formula
Dyna-Gro-Bloom 3-12-6
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Other nutritional supplements you might want to try.

Bloom booster
A unique supplement to be added to Grow or Bloom formulas as a bloom booster.
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Silicon Solution
Plants use Silicon is a benefitical element to reduce stress. Add it to your nutrients to build stronger plants and flowers that resist heat drought.
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Don't forget about the roots! Give the roots a boost with KLN Rooting Concentrate.
While most nurtrient solutions focus on leaves, stems and flowers, KLN promotes vigorous roots. Even mature plants benefit from an occasional KLN treatment.
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So there you have it - everything you need to know for complete, balanced nutrition.

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