Orchid Care - Temperature 

Temperatures for growing orchids is different from temperatures for growing houseplants.

The good news is most orchids do not require the hot, steamy weather found in the tropics.
 They'll do just fine in the temperatures found in most homes. So if you feel comfortable with the temperatures in your home, your orchids probably will too.

Orchids require

orchids in a room

Many orchids are comfortable in the same temperatures we live in

Understanding Temperature and Humdity From a Plant's Point of View

You can easliy tell whether a room is hot or cold by simply standing in it. Understanding temperatures from a plant's perspective isn't quite that simple however.

Temperatures throughout a typical room can vary a lot. Most rooms have areas that get more or less sun, more or less heat, and more or less air-conditioning than the rest of the room. This is especially true near windows where plants grow. These small spaces are called "micro-climates". Conditions in micro-climates can be very different from the rest of the room.

For example, take a closer look at the micro-climate near a window. When the weather outside drops below freezing in the winter, the temperature next to the window could be in the 40's. On a hot summer day, the temperature in that same spot can soar to over 100 degrees!

A good way to identify the temperature range in micro-climates is with a "Hi/Lo Thermometor (also called a "maximum/minimum thermometer). Our Hi/Lo Thermometors show the current temperature, the highest and lowest over time, and the relative humidity. I use them regularly. 

Orchid Care-Temperature:

Many orchids grow in the same temperatures that we live in. Getting them to bloom, however, means simulating the big difference between day and night temperatures they experience growing outside in nature.

Orchids require at least a 15-20 degree difference between day and night temperatures to initate the  flowering cycle. They simply won't bloom without it.
Don't worry, you don't have set the thermostat for a 20 degree drop in temperatures every night to get your orchids to bloom!

Understanding the micro-climates in your home will solve the problem. Learn about the temperature range your orchids are growing in by placing a Min/Max themometer in your growing area. You might be surprised!

Temperatures in a sunny window can reach 90 degrees (or more) during the day. In winter, temperatures near that same window can drop into the 50's at night. That's a 40 degree variation - perfect for orchids!

phalaenopsis in window

Phaleanopsis bloom willingly in most rooms

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