watering when not in bloom

My orchid has now finished its blooming cycle. Is the amount of water I gave it for this cycle needed during the non blooming growth cycle?
Type: Phalaenopsis

Had plant 6 months.

Can't seem to find answer to my question! Help!


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Mar 09, 2015
watering your orchid
by: the hydroponics guy

Hi Ann,

Good question!

All orchids have 3 seasons; grow, bloom and rest. Many orchids (like dendrobiums and cattleya) don't like a lot of water after blooming because it's their "rest season". In nature, these plants go through a dry season with very little rain during this time. That means adjusting your watering and really cutting back. Some plants even go dormant and can tolerate only enough water to keep them alive!

Phalaenopsis aren't like that and are much more tolerant after blooming. They don't experience a dry season in nature after blooming so I don't alter my watering all that much.

I'm careful to move them to a growing area where they get a lot of good light (even a touch of sun) however. And I give them plenty of time to dryout completely between waterings.

I also skip nutrients altogether for a month or so.

A note on watering orchids. It's not how much you water - it's how often you water.

When you water, be generous. Growing in bark or moss, I let my plants sit in water for a couple of hours (or even overnight). Then I return them to their growing area. (Of course the grow pots have drainage holes in the bottom.)

How long to wait until the next watering is the question. Technically, you should allow enough time for the entire root ball to dry out before rewatering. (Remember, in nature these plants hang from rocks and trees with their roots exposed to the air.) If your plant is growing in bark, this could be a week. If your plant is growing in moss it could take 2-3 weeks for it to dry out.

This can get complicated! That's why I like our Hydroponic System! It tells you when and how much to water. No more guessing!

More at: https://www.hydro-orchids.com/hydro-for-orchids.html

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