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Transplanting to Hydroponics
    - Cattleya
    - Cymbidium

    - Oncidium
    - Paphiopedilum
    - Phalaenopsis

African Violets

Grow Outdoors with Hydroponics
      - Setting Up

    - Plant Care
    - Growing Tips

Grow Cymbidiums
with Hydroponics

Orchid Care
 the Basics
    - Light

    - Water

    - Temperature

    - Humidity

 Orchid Care
   - Place to Grow
   - Place to Show

    - Basics

    - How to Use

    - Know What
            You're Using

    - Hydroponic

Orchid Care
the Plants

     - Cattleya

     - Cymbidium

     - Oncidium

     - Paphiopedilum

     - Phalaenopsis

    - Aphids

    - Mealy Bugs

    - Scale

    - Spider Mites
How Can I Help?

I'm Jeree Harms , The Hydroponics Guy.

Sorry to hear that you're not seeing postive results with our hydroponic system.  As with anything new, it can be complicated until you get the hang of it.

This is the place to get answers to your questions.  

Please take a minute and provide as many details as possible; what you've done, what you haven't done, etc.. The more information I have the better answers you'll get. I can't be much help if you simply tell me your orchid is dying.

the hydroponics guy

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