Growing Cymbidiums Outdoors with Hydroponics

Cymbidiums need warm temperatures with sun during the day and cool temperatures at night. The best place for growing these orchids is outside.

The good news is Cymbidiums love Hydroponics and Hydroponic orchids thrive outside!


It's those remarkable LECA pebbles.
  • LECA pebbles are ceramic and will not rot or decay in any kind of weather 
  • Plants will never suffer from heavy rains
  • They provide extra moisture so plants won't dehydrate on hot days
  • Because they're a sterile ceramic they won't attract insects


A couple of simple adjustments turns our hydroponic system into an outdoor growing machine!

Normally, the decorative outer pot acts as a reservoir, storing the nutrient solution for the plant. Outside, rain showers tend to fillup the outer pot, overflowing the system. (Remember, orchids don't like wet feet!) 

To remedy this, simply replace the outer pot with a shallow saucer. Then, when it rains, excess water overflows the saucer and drains away, keeping the plant from drowning.

1. Cut a plastic saucer that fits the bottom of the culture pot to about 1/2" deep.
Depth of saucer matches 1/2 or "Opt" on water gauge
2. Place the shallow saucer in bottom of outer pot. Make sure outer pot has a drainage hole. (I'm using a piece of styro under saucer for support.)
Place Cymbidium in outer pot
cym-outside12.gif cym-tp20.gif
This is what it looks like inside outer pot.
Finished plant. I added rocks on top. Outside, I prefer clay pots because their weight keeps plants from blowing over in the wind.

Transplanting Cymbidiums to Hydroponics
Growing Cymbidium Orchids

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