Growing - transplanting color infused phalaenopsis

by heather Mcvay
(houston tx usa)

Do orchids need to be in the bark, moss, Leca or should the bark etc be on top of roots as I bought it?

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May 11, 2015
Potting Materials for Growing Orchids
by: Jeree

In nature, orchids grow on rocks and trees - houseplants grow in the ground. That's why potting material for orchids is different from potting material for houseplants.

Bark, moss, coconut husks - there are many different combinations of materials used to grow orchids.

Our hydroponic system replaces all those mysterious potting materials with clay pebbles called LECA. And a watering gauge tells you when and how much to water.

We have a Starter Set that shows you how to remove all that other stuff from the roots and transplant your plants into our clean and easy to use hydroponic system. You can see our Starter Sets at

Good Growing,
Jeree Harms
The Hydroponics Guy

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