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I'm Jeree Harms, The Hydroponics Guy. I'm here to help you enjoy all the benefits of growing orchids in our hydroponic system.

This where you get answers to your questions (or any other comments you may have).

Note: I will no longer be answering questions via email. Ask all your questions here. Then,  my answers will be helping as many people as possible.

Hydroponics Guy

Don't be shy ....

Important! Tell me the details! If you send a note saying, "Why is my orchid dying?" or anything similar like, "What's eating my plants?" I don't know enough - what you've done, what you haven't done, what climate you're growing in, etc etc. The more details you give me, the better the chances are I can help.

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I have been using Miracle Gro Orchid Food 30-10-10 on my orchids. Can I use it for my hydroponic plants too? Answer I don't recommend Miracle Gro …

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