Care for Banfieldara orchid after repotting into your hydroponic system

by Giselle
(Austin, Texas)

Hi, Jeree,

Should the care for a Banfieldara be the same as for a Cattleya? Something different?

I am in Austin, which is central Texas. I am growing indoors using natural light.


Giselle Horton

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Feb 25, 2016
Care for Banfieldara orchid in hydroponics
by: The Hydroponics Guy

To tell the truth, I've never grown a Banfieldara orchid. However, after some research I've got your answer.
The name Banfieldaras is part of that great phenomenon in orchidology that creates, recreates, renames, and generally confuses ordinary people. Banfieldaras are close relatives to "Brassia and "Odontoglossum", both of which I have grown.

In plain english, all of these plants are in the oncidium family. They should do very well in hydroponics.

1. Bright light with some sun during the growing season. Water to 1/2 on gauge with a grow formula nutrient. Rewater when gauge reads empty - no dry period necessary.
2. Cool temps trigger blooms. Move away from sun when blooming.
3. After blooming comes rest so cut back on water between waterings.(and nutrients) after blooming. Water to 1/4 on gauge - after system is completely dry allow for a dry period of a week before rewatering.
When you see new growth, go back to #1.

This plant is an excellent candidate for outdoor growing in summer - even with your heat. Protect it from sun outdoors however. Loves 50 degree temps at night.

Good Growing,
The Hydroponics Guy

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