Beginners Orchids

We all started out the same way. The beautiful, exotic flowers where irresistable. So we purchased our first orchid, brought it home, followed all the instructions, gave it tender loving care, and it died anyway.  

Welcome to the world of orchids! Growing orchids is the most confusing, frustrating, and rewarding hobby there is.

1. Do You Have Success with Houseplants?

Orchids don't need a lot of attention but they do require the same basic care that houseplants need. So if you don't have success growing houseplants, growing orchids probably won't work for you either.

2. Are you ready for your first plants to die?

We're all orchid killers before we're orchid growers. Until you get the hang of it, don't expect great things from your first plants.

3. Do you have the patience to wait for flowers?

With orchids, expect months of nothing between flowering cycles. Orchids need time to build up the energy to flower. Most orchids are not all that interesting between flowering . You're going to need some patience here.

4. Are you willing to give the plant what it needs to grow?

In the beginning, it's unrealistic to think you can "decorate" your home every day of the year with orchids. Those dazzeling displays of flowers don't last forever. After the flowering cycle is finished (usually 1-3 months), orchids need the right conditions to build up the energy to flower again. Experienced growers usually have a "place where they grow them and a place where they show them". So, when that big, beautiful display of flowers on the dining room table fades away, get ready to move that orchid back to its growing area (don't worry, we'll show you how).

Still with me? Great! If you can make it through our 4 Steps to Growing Orchids you're on your way! You've got what it takes to grow orchids!

Now for some good news! Orchids don't need a lot of attention and are tougher than you think. Although some plants can be fussy, many will adapt comfortably to the conditions found in most homes. Growing orchids is like growing cactus - with some extra humidity.

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