Are my orchids too wet outdoors?

by Charles
(Towsen, Maryland)

It has been raining here in Maryland a few times a week for a month. I realize that my hydro orchids are not drying out. Water level staying the same . Do you think it would be a good idea to pull the pots out of the reservoirs for a few days each week to let them dry out if nature is not cooperating, or is it ok for them to remain continually immersed?

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May 22, 2016
Orchids Too Wet Outdoors
by: The Hydroponics Guy

Successfully growing outdoors with hydroponics means making a simple adjustment - replacing the outer pot with a pot that drains.

See for the setup I recommend.

If it's been rainy for several days, I force a dry period by dumping out the water and letting my plants sit dry for a couple of days.

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