Getting Your Amaryllis to Rebloom

Most people think of Amaryllis as "disposable" and discard them after blooming. With proper care these plants get better every year (and it's easy!). Each year the bulbs get bigger and produce more flower stems than the year before -  with even more flowers!


1. After all the blooms have faded, carefully cut the flower stalk all the way back to the top of the bulb. Be careful to not cut the leaves.

Now your plant will begin its growing season to store up the energy for next years blooms.

Light: Move your plant to a sunny window. Find the sunniest spot possible - you can't over do it.

Water: Your watering schedule will increase. Water to 1/2 on gauge. Br sure to wait until system is completely dry before rewatering however. Switch to a "Grow Formula" nutrient and apply at 1/2 strength every watering. Dyna-Gro Grow 7-9-5 is an excellent choice.

2. As soon as warm weather arrives move plant outdoors. Choose a spot that gets some sun but protect it from hot midday sun. Don't worry if some leaves wither and die.

Now your watering schedule will increase significantly. Start applying nutrients at full strength..

Proper setup for outdoor growing is important. See to setup for outdoor growing. Simply substitute "amaryllis" for "orchid" in directions.

3. Leave plant outdoors until temperatures drop into the low 50's. As the leaves turn brown cut them off. Your plant has stored up all the energy it needs to rebloom and is going dormant. 

4. As fall approaches begin withholding water and stop fertilizing. Your plant will be entering a dormant period before reblooming. Water by simply pouring water through pebbles until it runs out the bottom - only enough to keep plant from dehydrating.  

5. "Prepare" bulb for a blooming cycle. Bring the bulb indoors and store in a cool dark place (40-50 degrees if possible) for at least 6 weeks. Basements are perfect for this. Do not water. 

6. After the 6 week dormant period, bring plant out to it's growing area where it gets sun and warmer temperatures. Introducing your plant to moisture and sunlight will bring it to life. Resume watering to 1/4 on gauge with a "Bloom Formula" nutrient. In another 6 weeks your plant will bloom again.

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