Add water to newly repotted Phalenopsis

by Marj
(New Hampshire)

The directions are not clear - do I add the water into the white outer container to the fill line - or use that tiny tube to fill w/water?

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Nov 13, 2023
Watering Orchids with Our Hydroponic System
by: Jeree

To water simply pour water (or nutrient solution) over pebbles. Water will pass through the pebbles and sit at the bottom of the pot.
Water until the little red indicator inside the water gauge pops up to 1/2 on gauge - then stop.
The plant will get water as the LECA pebbles wick the moisture up the water to the plant gently and evenly.
Your job is to have the courage to wait until the water gauge reads empty before rewatering. Orchid roots need air as much as they need water to grow so be sure to allow the system to dry out completely before rewatering.
"When in doubt - do without".

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