Orchid Care -
Your First Orchid

We all started out the same way.

Those beautiful, exotic flowers where irresistible. So you purchased your first orchid, brought it home, followed all the instructions, gave it tender loving care, and

 ........it died anyway.  

Welcome to the world of orchids! Don't be embarrassed for a minute by what you don't know about growing orchids.
They aren't the finicky creatures you think they are. Most orchids are actually be easy to grow - if you know what to do.

When you get it right the satisfaction is immeasurable! Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment when your plant blooms! Even after 20 years of growing orchids I still get excited when new flowers appear.

Before we start talking about how to care for your first orchid, let's find out if growing orchids suits you. 


1. Do you have success with houseplants?

Orchids don't need a lot of attention but they do require some of the same basic care that houseplants need. If you can grow houseplants - you can grow orchids.

Problems growing houseplants? Then growing orchids is probably not for you either.

2. Are you prepared to struggle with your first orchids?
stickman04.jpg We're all "orchid killers" before we're "orchid growers". Until you get the hang of it, don't expect great things from your first plants.

3. Do you have the patience to wait (and wait)for flowers?

It's unrealistic to "decorate" your home every day with exotic orchid blooms. Orchids don't flower continuously and those dazzling flower displays don't last forever.

Most orchids bloom only once a year  .... and they're not much to look at when they're not blooming. Having the patience to wait for the next set of blooms is an one of the hardest things to learn about orchid care.

4. Are you willing to give the plant what it needs to grow and bloom again?

Caring for orchids is different than caring for houseplants. After flowering is finished, orchids need the right conditions to build up the energy to flower again. You don't need a greenhouse but you'll need to find a proper growing area so your plant can build up the energy to flower again (it's easy - we'll show you how).

Still with me? Great!

You've got what it takes to grow orchids!

Welcome to one of the most fascinating and rewarding hobbies there is.

Let's get started!

Orchid Care - Basics for Beginners
Growing Your First Orchid(s)

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