Plant Care- Weeping Fig

Ficus Neon

Weeping Fig, or Ficus trees, are among the most popular of all the indoor plants. These are the trees you see in hotel atriums, office buildings, and shopping malls.

The biggest drawback is their tendency to drop leaves at the smallest inconvenience. They also have a difficult time adapting to new environments (such as moving from the nursery to your house).

Times have changed! We grow a new variety of Ficus trees (developed in Holland) that don't have any of the tempormental ways of ordinary Ficus. Combine this with the benefits of growing in our Hydroponic System and you have a completely different plant.

Ficus have a big appetite for light, including direct sun. Growing in soil, the heat from the sun quickly dries out the grow pot. The roots dehydrate and the plant drops its leaves. (I'm sure you've seen this). On the other hand, too much water and the roots will decay from the soggy, wet soil.

Hydroponics changes everything! A water gauge tells you exactly what is going on inside the pot. Extra water is stored in the reservoir at the bottom of the outer pot so there's no danger of dehydrating roots.

LECA pebbles replace soil. They're ceramic and they will never decay, or decompose. So there is no danger of rot or decay at the plant's roots because all the soggy, wet soil has been eliminated.

Ficus growing in our system will thrive for years because we have eliminated the problems commonly found growing in soil.

Ficus Euro

Ficus Neon

Ficus Starlight

Plant Care Growing with Hydroponics
Light: Ficus demand bright light, even some direct sun. (No indoor plant can withsatnd sun all day.) These new varietes are better at adapting to less light and will grow just fine in medium light.
Water: Ficus are big drinkers - perfect for hydroponics! Water to 1/2 on gauge. When gauge reads "Min" rewater. No dryout period necessary.
Temperature: Ficus can endure a wide range of temperatures from 45 degrees to 95 degrees.
What to Watch for: Although these plants resist most insects, be on the watch for Mealy bugs.
Frequent trimming gives plant a better shape.

Our easy to use Hydroponic System could be the biggest advance in plant care in years! Your plants will practically take care of themselves!
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