4 Simple (and Cheap) Tools That Will Increase Humidity

Ho/Lo Thermometer

Hi/Lo Thermometer

Get the facts. Do you know the temperature and humidity your plants are growing in? 

You’ll become a better grower the minute you stop guessing and start measuring!

Our digital Thermometers feature a Min-Max memory that records the highest and lowest temperatures and humidity over time.

Could be the most important tool you use this winter!

Price: $21.95ea

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humidity tray

Humidity Trays

Humidity Trays are light weight, plastic trays that display your plants on a grid that sits above a water reservoir. As the water in the tray evaporates, the humidity increases. 

Our prices on humidity trays are among the lowest on the internet.

Prices Vary: See store

  Humidity Trays

heat vents

Heat Vent Deflectors

There's nothing worse than the hot, dry air from the furnace blowing on your  orchids. 

Closing the heat vents in your growing area is the best solution. 

If closing vents isn’t possible because the room gets too cold, install Heat Vent Deflectors.

Price: $8.95 ea

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Nantucket Basket Sweater

A Warm Sweater

 I’m including this because I want you to turn down the thermostat!  Your orchids will embrace cooler temperatures. Minimizing hot, dry air from the furnace keeps humidity levels higher. 

Don't worry about your house being too cold. Most orchids are content with evening temperatures as low as 50-55 degrees.

Sorry, we don't sell sweaters. You’ll have to go to L.L. Bean or Eddie Bauer for this one. 

Get these tools today!  Both you and your orchids will be more comfortable this winter with higher humidity.

Put a little effort into modifying your growing area you’ll be rewarded with healthy plants and beautiful blooms all winter - when you really need them!

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