What To Do After Flowers

Sooner or later the beautiful flowers on your orchid will fade away and die. Your plant is not dying! All orchids have a Blooming Season and a Growing Season. Withering flowers is simply means your orchid is completing its flowering season.

How long do flowers last?
Orchid flowers are not as delicate as they look. In Nature, they're holding on, trying to find an insect (or sometimes a bird) to come along and polinate them. The length of the flowering cycle varies with the plant. Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchid) flowers can last up to 3 months. The waxy blooms of Papihopedilum (Lady Slipper) last for over a month. On the other hand, the big, showy blooms of the Cattleya usually last only several weeks.



After your plant has finished flowering is the best time to convert to Hydroponics. It's easy and most orchids ................

(photo's) how to cut back a flower spike

How Long Do the Flowers Last?

To prolong the life of the flowers, move your plant away from the heat of direct sun. Keeping the plant as cool as possible extends the flowering cycle. Of course this means avoiding drafts from heat vents too.

When will my orchid flower again?

Healthy orchids that have adapted to their environment will usually flower once a year, sometimes more. The growing season is the time when your plant is building up the energy to create new flowers. As a successful orchid grower, now is the time to learn the cultural requirements for your plant. If you get it right you'll be rewarded with another cycle of beautiful blooms.

How Do I Get My Orchid to Flower Again?

Although this depends on the type of orchid, there are two basic things that apply to all plants. First, orchids need as much light as possible to generate blooms. That's why we move our plants back to their "growing area" after flowering is finished. Second, orchids need a 20-25 degree difference in temperature between night and day to initiate flower spikes.

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