First Annual Shore Orchid Festival
Orchid Shows are a combination of social gathering, buying opportunity, and meeting the growers. They're also a terrific learning opportunity for beginner growers. And they're always spectacular, even the smallest show.

There's nothing like being able to see what the flower really looks like on a plant on your wish list (or non-bloomers on your windowsill). I've changed my opinion many times on plants I thought I wanted after I saw the size of a full grown plant. On the other hand, I've also decided I had to have that cute little specimen that I thought was winking at me (not the best way to add to your collection by the way!).

Here's some photo's from the Shore Orchid Festival.

The first annual Shore Orchid Festival was hosted by Silva Orchids in Neptune, NJ July 24, 25,26th
Of course we where there with all our hydroponic supplies
Boy was it hot!
Woodstream Orchids
That one's getting a home!
More outstanding Lady Slipper orchids from Piping Rock Orchids
Cattleyas from Silva Orchids showing their colors

Everyone had a good time - in spite of the heat. Orchid people are motivated shoppers!
Of course the American Orchid Society was there, helping us all become better growers.
Dress up those plants with a hand made clay pot!
Looking for a new greenhouse? See Jim at Arcadia greenhouses.
Ever try a frozen chocolate treat on a hot day? Pierre Chocolat had the best! The ice cream was good too.
Tom from Allenwood General Store claims he has the "world's best pork roll sandwich".
Couldn't pass this up! Was this guy was the real thing?
Yep, take it from me - you're looking at the worlds best pork roll sandwich!
A great time was had by all - so we'll  look forward to seeing you there next year!